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Visits, Tours and Observations Policy


In complying with Arizona law (A.R.S. § 15-184), this policy explains the conditions in which visitors are welcome on the Arizona Language Schools campus. In addition to the direction stated in this policy, compliance with state and federal law is required. Under no circumstances is any individual who does not possess a Fingerprint Clearance (IVP) card permitted to be alone with a student unless the visitor is the parent or legal guardian of the student. Campus check-in and check-out procedures must be followed in all cases.


  1. Campus administrators are responsible to ensure adherence to this policy.
  2. Policy - All visitors are required to:
    1. Sign in at the front office.
    2. Present a photo ID.
    3. Upon check-in all visitors are required to submit to a background check.
    4. Sign out when leaving the campus.
  3. Parent/Guardian Visitors - Parents and guardians are encouraged and permitted to visit, and tour AZLS campus. Classroom observations must be scheduled at least 2 academic days in advance unless the teacher’s schedule permits an earlier visit. Visitors are not permitted to tour or observe classrooms during designated blackout dates (e.g., during state assessment testing or end of course testing periods). All visitors and observers are expected to be respectful of the learning environment and shall avoid interacting with students or staff during classroom observations. Visitors are prohibited from assisting students with their work.
  4. Guest Presenters/Instructors - AZLS administrative staff may invite, as appropriate, guests to visit the classroom to support relevant student learning objectives. Presenters should stay on topic and avoid controversial and/or unrelated topics and material.
  5. Prospective Parents/Guardian Visitors - Parents or guardians who wish to enroll their children at AZLS are encouraged and permitted to visit, and tour AZLS.
  6. Other Individuals - Other individuals wishing to visit a classroom must demonstrate an appropriate objective and be approved by campus administration. They must be accompanied by an employee with a current IVP card at all times during their visit and they must coordinate their visit with the administrators.
  7. Moral and Wholesome Environment - AZLS is committed to creating and maintaining a learning atmosphere where children feel safe and are free from outside distractions. While on campus, visitors should dress conservatively, avoid profanity, and conduct themselves in a professional and collaborative manner with FrenchAm staff and students. Disruptive behavior will not be permitted. All other business interactions (email, letters, personal conversations, social media, etc.) will be conducted in a professional manner. Parents/visitors that fail to meet these standards may be asked to leave the campus. Those who consistently interfere with the learning environment may be banned from visiting the campus pursuant to A.R.S. §13-2911. Visitors will not be permitted to take pictures, record video, or record audio unless they have written permission from the campus Director.
  8. Health and Safety of Pupils and Staff - Tours, visits, and observations shall not be permitted when a visit, tour, or observation threatens the health and safety of FrenchAm pupils and staff.