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Public School Extracurricular Activity (ECA) Tax Credit

Did you know that the Arizona State funding for charter school students is traditionally 20% less than what is given to public schools. People often wonder how charter school can get better results than public schools and do so much more with less?

Well, charter schools are successful because they are managed like private schools. We all know that private sector is better at managing funds, motivating teachers and staff, and giving more of what children need in a quality education.

So, the question is how can families and the community support their children school and encourage teachers and students to continue on their path toward multilingualism and excellence? By directing funding to the areas that are most important to them.

If only 50 families contribute the $400 allowed by the State of Arizona, $20,000 towards our school, above and beyond what the government provides. What could an extra $20,000 do for the AZLS' students? What if 100 friends and families joined this effort?

Let's Talk About ECA!


When you complete your tax return and in order to get a tax credit, you will need to state the donation made to our school. You will do this using the Arizona Department of Revenue Form 322. You will need to input the following:

  • CTDS Code
    • 078696101
  • Name of Public School:
    • The French American Academy of Arizona
  • School District Name
    • The French American Academy of Arizona

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