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Welcome to the Arizona Language Schools: One AZLS Family, Two Schools!

Our schools welcome students from daycare to fifth grade in a warm and familial environment where students are happy to come to everyday.

Our mission is to offer a rigorous bilingual school program where children learn two languages and also two different cultures.

Our school’s motto: “Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus” is the true philosophy of AZLS and that means:

  • In French: “Nous n'apprenons pas pour l’école, mais pour la vie”
  • In Spanish: “No aprendemos para la escuela, sino para la vida”.
  • In English: “We do not learn for school, but for life”.

AZLS students are encouraged to be open-minded and have good intellectual curiosity.

We teach them problem-solving skills which lead them to perform well not only in languages but also in math and science.

We teach knowledge of the history and geography of the world which allows them to open up to the diversity of its people.

Overall, we teach our students to be good citizens of the world, good people.

I sincerely hope that you visit us and be a privileged witness to what makes us so proud of our schools.

Corinne Arnout

Corinne Arnout

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