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Language Learning

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With over two decades of experience in language education, Corinne Arnout that the perfect time to learn another language starts as early as possible. Language educators agree that immersion instruction is the most effective way for students to become bilingual speakers, and biliterate readers and writers.

Being bilingual is at the center of many success stories! It opens the door to communication with more people in more places, and provides the necessary skills to interact competently in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world.

Compared to their monolingual peers, immersion students typically:

  • Score as well or better on standardized tests by 5th grade
  • Build larger vocabularies and mastery of English grammar
  • Show more creativity and flexible thinking
  • Become better problem solvers
  • Gain stronger listening and communication skills
  • Jump-start (or fulfill) their college language requirements
  • Enhance their career marketability
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