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Founded by a French couple, the French American School of Arizona (FrenchAm) opened its doors with 5 students in 2010 as a French immersion private school for ages 1 to 11. Their mission was to bring the best of the French and American education systems together to provide learning for life, holds true today

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In 2018, the school separated into two schools; the FrenchAm Preschool offering a full French immersion private day care and preschool for children ages 2 to 4; and the FrenchAm Academy offering full French immersion charter school for grades K-5.

The French American School of Arizona

In 2022, FrenchAm became the Arizona Language Schools (AZLS) when a full Spanish immersion program was added to offer even more choices to the families.

Today, we are the only tuition free charter school in Arizona to offer French and Spanish full immersion education for K-5 students,

Along with the French, Spanish, and English curriculums, we teach culture, development of character, respect, and appreciation of the community, country, and our world. Our students go on to excel in a variety of middle schools throughout Arizona, the United States, and the world at large.

Our motto, "Non scholæ sed vitæ discimus" has guided our school principles and values since 2010, and we will continue to follow this direction in the future.